IP 7:Digital Labour

In this IP,I was tasked with creating comic strips based on the readings assigned in the ETEC 511 class. Based on the readings by Duffy, Woodcock Johnson, and Crawford, I have decided to create two comic strips about the a Twitch streamer and CAPTCHA. Take a moment to consider the various types of labor depicted here. What do you see?

Twitch Streamer and Labor

six-panel comic showing a character's journey as a Twitch streamer, with text bubbles and varying chat messages reflecting the streamer's growing audience and interaction.

In the first panel, set " Week 1", the streamer is not saying anything while she play games. 

In the second panel, set "Week 2", the streamer started to say "ok! I'm about to shoot..shoot!" to try to make audience more engagement. User Happy Strawberry comments "shoot that guy" and CreepySkelton comments with a hot emoji.

In the third panel, set "Week 3
, the streamer comment with more exaggeration. NiceGamer advice in the chat to try using shotgun. The streamer acknowledges and thank to nicegamer. However, user Meanboy comments "noob."

In the forth panel, set "week 4", Twitch streamer dresses avant-garde with a star-shaped sunglasses. She says, "welcome to princess charming channel! If you can donate bits that would support my work" 

The chat is generally looking forward for her stream, but there are some comment from spam bom say "yes" and sexist comment from gogo saying "if you wear bikini yes" 

In the fifth panel, set "Week 5", user HappyStrawberry donates 200 bits to the streamer. The streamer starts the stream by saying "Princess Charming is off to the adventure! Happy Strawberry thanks for your contribution".

In the last panel, set "week 6", streamer advertises the super energy drink. The user in chat mentioned they bought an energy drink already.
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Attribution: The screenshot of the game is CityBattle_Virtual_Earth_Screenshot2.jpg by LLC Rikor IMT (CC by SA 4.0). The energy drink image is generated by DALL·E, via ChatGPT by OpenAI, generated on February 9, 2024.

SVG version of the image is available for download. The license of this image is CC by SA 4.0.

CAPTCHA and Labor

A six-panel comic strip about CAPTCHA challenges. 

The comic strip depicts the experience of completing CAPTCHA challenges. The first panel shows a stick figure pondering a CAPTCHA prompt asking if they are human. The second and third panels show the figure baffled by similar-looking images to select from. The fourth panel humorously reveals the figure finally logs in, questioning the effort. The fifth panel is an image of sunrise. The last panel, set "5 months ago," shows two figures. One of the person comments "Boss! I came up with a genius idea to cut costs
for our AI image software! Instead of hiring an AI training specialist, we will require all our users to go through 20 CAPTCHA challenges
before logging in!" The other praises "Genius!"
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Attribution: The 2 CAPTCHA images are genearted by DALL·E, via ChatGPT by OpenAI, generated on February 10, 2024.

SVG version of the image is available for download. The license of this image is CC by 4.0.


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This work by Rie Namba and Duncan Hamilton is licensed under CC BY 4.0