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  • IP 2: Artificial Intelligence

    IP 2: Artificial Intelligence

    Biography of AI pioneers In this IP, I will compare my answers with AI (ChatGPT3.5)’s responses. I will be answering the questions below and comparing them with ChatGPT: For ChatGPT, I will use the prompt below to answer the questions: Who is (name of the person) , How does each contribute to the development of…

  • Time Capsule: The boy who cried wolf (Flash)

    Time Capsule: The boy who cried wolf (Flash)

    Dad just sent me a flash file I have created back in junior high school. Looks like my art style hasn’t really changed much.. Flash file below….

  • Infographic Copyright 101

    I started to take a Creative Commons Certificate for Educator Course.  It is a course where I get to learn about Creative Commons and Copyright in depth! The assignments are very interesting because I get an opportunity to create an infographic/slides/etc.. in creative commons license. So here’s an infographic that I created that I am…

  • Found an alternative to Adobe Creative Cloud!

    Found an alternative to Adobe Creative Cloud!

    I switched my laptop to Windows, so I had to give up using my Adobe Creative Suite CS5 (Mac ver). Unlike long ago, Adobe completely changed their business model to subscription based. If I want to use Photoshop and Illustrator – I would have to purchase CreativeCloud All Apps which is 20USD (with educational discount-…

  • GIF It UP

    GIF It UP

    Do you remember the time when GIF images were popular on the web? It used to annoy web designers due to its notoriety. However, there’s a huge potential to it!!! During work, I found this wonderful GIF competition!!! GIF IT UP 2016 GIF it up is an international competition organized by the Digital Public Library…