• Can I use this image? H5P Interactive Activity

    Can I use this image? H5P Interactive Activity

    I created H5P interactive video that introduces what is a copyright, and how can I find image that I can reuse in my blog post. Enjoy!

  • Tipping Point – ChatGPT and Assessment

    Tipping Point – ChatGPT and Assessment

    Like many tools before it, the introduction of publicly available Generative Artificial Intelligence models incited panic, outrage, and reflection in the world of education. It forced many educators to revaluate their assessment methods to account for a tool that can fluently provide an answer to any question, generate written material on any subject, and do…

  • Group Project Proposal

    In this project, we are required to create a proposal for a usable tool. Below is the group project proposal written by Rie Namba, Duncan Hamilton, Mariana Fernandez, Magnou Sarah Witiw and Lubna Yasin.

  • IP8- Attention Record and Analysis

    IP8- Attention Record and Analysis

    In this IP, I was asked to record what I pay attention to. Below is my raw data of where my attention went for 12 hours on Febuary 14, 2024. During this time, I was working at UBC-V Campus. Time What I did Where my attention went Emotion 8:00 Turn off alarm. Check notification. phone…

  • IP 7:Digital Labour

    IP 7:Digital Labour

    In this IP,I was tasked with creating comic strips based on the readings assigned in the ETEC 511 class. Based on the readings by Duffy, Woodcock Johnson, and Crawford, I have decided to create two comic strips about the a Twitch streamer and CAPTCHA. Take a moment to consider the various types of labor depicted…

  • IP 3- Algorithm

    IP 3- Algorithm

    “At a time when state funding for public goods such as universities, schools, libraries, archives, and other important memory institutions is in decline in the US, private corporations are providing products, services and financing on their behalf. With these trade-offs comes an exercising of greater control over the information, which is deeply consequential for those…

  • IP 2: Artificial Intelligence

    IP 2: Artificial Intelligence

    Biography of AI pioneers In this IP, I will compare my answers with AI (ChatGPT3.5)’s responses. I will be answering the questions below and comparing them with ChatGPT: For ChatGPT, I will use the prompt below to answer the questions: Who is (name of the person) , How does each contribute to the development of…

  • IP 1: Users, Uses and Usability

    IP 1: Users, Uses and Usability

    Usability HCI (Human-Computer Interaction) is a field of studies that explores the design, evaluation, and implementation of computer interfaces.(Issa & Isaias, 2015, p.22) In this field, the importance of Usability is emphasized.  Usability concerns the quality of interaction between the user and the interface or computer.  So how does one determine the quality of interaction?…

  • Time Capsule: The boy who cried wolf (Flash)

    Time Capsule: The boy who cried wolf (Flash)

    Dad just sent me a flash file I have created back in junior high school. Looks like my art style hasn’t really changed much.. Flash file below….

  • Infographic Anatomy of CC License.

    Infographic Anatomy of CC License.

    I  have created another infographic for the assignment for Creative Commons Certificate for Educator Course. Most of the content are adapted from the  Creative Common’s Certificate Course which are also CC by licensed. Enjoy! Alternatively, you can download the PDF version from here. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.